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Sizing Guide - Mens

Mens Fixed (non elastic) Waist

Our board shorts are sized such that the size is the actual circumference of the waistband.  For example, a "SZ 38" will have a waistband that measures 38" like in the photo below.  In this example, you may have 38's in your closet that measure 40" in circumference (when measured like in the photo).  Therefore, we recommend measuring your best fitting shorts/pants and ordering the corresponding size from us (in inches) as compared to ordering from the size tag sewn into your favorites.

For example, a SZ 38 (photo above) will have a waistband with a 38" circumference (19" X 2)


Mens Elastic Waist

SM    28" - 30'  Waist

MD     31" - 34'  Waist

LG     35" - 38'  Waist

XL     39" - 42"  Waist

2X     43" - 46"  Waist

3X     47" - 50"  Waist

4X     51" - 54"  Waist