Spring Summer '22 Availability

Welcome to the largest online superstore of US-Made Board Shorts, Skirts and Pants. Our 18th Year Online. Selling only what we produce ourselves right here in the USA.

Like other retailers, we don't have every fabric available in every color, in every style, in every length, and every size. Especially for Spring/Summer 2022 as inventory levels are at an 18-year low due to manufacturing disruptions and supply contraints with both raw materials and quality labor for cutting and sewing.

But we do have have thousands of awesome garments on the shelves in our warehouse. And the easy, time-saving way to find what we have in your size is to simply use the Filter Menu available on every collection page. Narrow it down so you can see just what's available in your size (100+ options in some cases).

Only single pieces remain in stock for many of the SKUs (style/size/length combos) and replentishnent is not expected until approx. October 15 due to manufacturing disruptions and pesky supply chain issues.

So, if you see something you like, you should grab it while it's available.

Thanks for wearing USA-Made board shorts and your support since 2005!

Steve + Julie