Reasons NOT to Buy from Us

  1. You don't like clothes made in the USA.  Unlike everyone else selling in this space, we just don't have any imports.  The brands we sell have been producing board shorts exclusively in the USA (California) since 1998.
  2. You don't like responsibly made clothing. The brands we sell manufacture 100% sweatshop-free (unlike other brands that use children in foreign countries to make their stuff).
  3. You like buying from new companies. On January 17th, we celebrated our 13th year selling online.  Over 100,000 orders have shipped to 17 countries since 2005.  Click here to see some of their comments.
  4. You don't like buying high-quality clothing.  Our stuff is so bulletproof we guarantee it.  For life.  Who else does that?  Click here for the details.

L i f e   i s   B e t t e r   i n   B o a r d  S h o r t s.